PEARL Curriculum
The Curriculum Development Council of The JGI Group prepares P.E.A.R.L Curriculum for its Early childhood Educational Institution (JAIN Toddlers) serving children aged from 1.5 to 6 and has been in its evolution since 2007. The JGI Group felt the need to prescribe a holistic and well researched coursework for the tiny toddlers of the 21st century.
The Curriculum Development Council is an advisory body giving recommendation to The JGI Group on all matters relating to curriculum development for the school system from pre-nursery to KG classes. Its membership includes heads of the schools, practicing teachers, parents, academics from tertiary institutions, professionals from related fields and related bodies, representatives from various associations like Pre-School learning alliance-UK, NAEYC, BAECE-UK, ACEI, NCB, as well as officers from Education Departments. Jain Toddlers branches across India have adopted this curriculum to achieve the pre-primary education objectives of the 21st century.
Comments and suggestions on the P.E.A.R.L Pre-Primary curriculum are welcome and may be sent to the secretary, CDC on Early Childhood Education by post, fax or email.
Numeracy is the subject in Jain Toddlers, which deals with numbers, their value and other important concepts.
  • Conceptual introduction happens at every level starting from the simplest concepts like big and small, tall and short etc. Children start off verbally saying the numbers learn to count and relate the number to the value.
  • They start writing numbers, move on to learn Number names upto 100 and learn to play with the numbers. They are introduced to the concept of simple addition, and subtraction that is the first foundation lay very strongly which goes on for a life time.
    In Jain toddlers, Literacy is the subject where children from Pre-nursery till UKG learn the subject English in different levels.
    • Starts with the basic communication skills words like sit, jump, run, walk, wash, wipe, eat etc. Children pick up words, small simple sentences and then move on to speak well in full sentences verbally.
    • When it comes to the writing part of the subject Literacy, Toddlers start off with the prewriting strokes, move on to learn the upper and lower case alphabets, writing them perfectly in 4 lines, learning the phonics, blending the phonics of letters to form words, and using these words to frame simple sentences.
      Basic knowledge
      In Jain toddlers, Basic knowledge is the most interesting for children, as it is the most activity-based subject.
      • Through various activities children learn on varied topics and subtopics, which go on to become science and social studies in their later years.
      • They learn all about animals & birds, fruits & vegetables, about being healthy, good manners& habits, colours, transport, seasons, festivals about their city and their country. The entire learning happens through activities like role-play, show and tell, talk shows, field trips, dramatizing, audiovisual shows, putting up group projects etc.
        Rhymes and Stories
        This subject plays an integral part for learning and enjoying the day at Jain toddlers.
        • Each class will learn a new rhyme every week and enjoy recalling and reciting the ones done earlier. The actions and expressions play a major role while learning as they imitate the teacher.
        • The children enjoy story time as the teacher uses puppets, pictures and voice modulation to narrate the story. The story is repeated by role-play by the children, and it is shown in the AV room too!
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